The Paperbag Princess

Last week we performed our end of year musical "The Paperbag Princess" for our parents.

Our Nursery children were the trees and flowers of the forest - they wore beautiful headdresses and captivated everyone with their songs and dances.

The Reception children were bird and butterflies - they fluttered about with their delicate wings. The year 1 children were animals of the forest and fierce dragons. They frowned and scowled as they danced and scared everyone in sight!

The cast were our Year 2 children - Kings, Queen's, Princes and Princesses. They were dressed in velvet and lace. One dreadful day Dante the dragon breathed heavily over their castle and turned it to cinders! Many escaped but Princess Rianna's dress was tattered and torn and full of soot! She has to return to her family in a paper bag! The prince she was due to marry shuns her and so does her best friend! But Rianna realises that if that is the way they treat their friends, she will be better off without them!

Ariadne and Isabel sang a duet, "I'm Wishing" and Lukas scared us all with his fiery breath! Well done children we were so proud of you!


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