Queen’s College, founded in 1977, is an international school which caters for 400 children between the ages of three and eighteen.

The school follows the British National Curriculum, preparing students for GCSE and GCE ‘A’ level examinations.

Equivalent qualifications in the Spanish Education system may be obtained by those students who also take selected subjects from the Spanish Curriculum. Admission to Spanish universities is possible via the European Union “Direct Access” system.

Although success in public examinations is seen as an essential target and the school is proud of its academic achievements, education is provided in its broadest sense, encouraging and enabling pupils to lead full, happy lives with positive contributions to make to any society in which they may find themselves. The school welcomes pupils from many faiths, anticipating that in a tolerant, understanding atmosphere all pupils may grow to respect and value the beliefs of others.

The school forms a small family community in which the needs of the individual are well cared for. Staff time, concern and commitment are readily available. In return, pupils are expected to work hard, accept responsibility and develop powers of leadership, co-operation and adaptability in preparation for the demands of the world beyond school.