Sisu Award

The Queen’s College Sisu Award is presented annually to Year 13 students, in recognition of effort and perseverance. The award is based on specific results-based criteria. There is no limit to the number of awards available each year which means that all students who achieve the established objectives are rewarded.

The award, apart from public recognition of qualities such as sustained effort and achievement consists of a monetary prize: the refund of 50% of the final year’s annual school fee (see below: Sisu Award Criteria).

The origin of the award’s name: ‘Sisu’ is a Finnish term which, when loosely translated into English, means ‘strength of will, determination, perseverance, and acting rationally in the face of adversity’. Sisu does not imply momentary courage, but the ability to sustain an action against all odds.

We believe that the concept of SISU is particularly appropriate to the spirit and philosophy of Queen’s College. It is also a perfect example of how each culture and language is unique. The diversity which stems from the coming together of different cultures and languages is responsible for the richness of the international school experience. Presentation video

Sisu Award Criteria

This award is presented to students who achieve the equivalent of 4 “A” grades at GCE “A” level and who have demonstrated the academic and personal qualities which make them excellent role models for younger students.

The award comes with a percentage refund of Year 13 fees as specified below.

  1. 10% refund of fees (based on annual fee) for one year’s attendance at school.
  2. 20% refund of fees (based on annual fee) for two year’s attendance at school.
  3. 30% refund of fees (based on annual fee) for three year’s attendance at school.
  4. 40% refund of fees (based on annual fee) for four year’s attendance at school.
  5. 50% refund of fees (based on annual fee) for students who have attended the school for a minimum of 5 years.