School fees

The school fees are public.

School fees for the academic year 2017/2018


 Per monthPer termEquivalent
monthly fee
Per yearEquivalent
monthly fee
Nursery & Reception711€2.133€640€5.950€595€
Year 1 & Year 2777€2.330€699€6.500€650€
Year 3812€2.437€731€6.800€680€
Year 4848€2.545€764€7.100€710€
Year 5884€2.652€796€7.400€740€
Year 6920€2.760€828€7.700€770€
Year 71.016€3.047€914€8.500€850€
Year 81.123€3.369€1.011€9.400€940€
Year 91.165€3.495€1.049€9.750€975€
Year 10 & 11 / Year 12 & 131.189€3.566€1.070€9.950€995€


In the case of Y12 & Y13 the fees do not include books and other materials required.

Enrolment fees

DEPOSIT: 1000 €

Optional Services:

125€ per 10 months or 160€/month
105€ per month (N-Y2)
10€ per day


  • Parents will be required to complete a re-enrolment form each year between January and the end of the Spring term.
  • The school prefers fees to be paid via direct debit.
  • Pupils may lose their place at school if fees are not paid by the required dates.
  • Each fee tariff has set dates of payment. Failure to comply to these dates will result in the tariff being changed automatically for the remainder of the year.
  • Monthly fees are payable before the 25th of the previous month. The only exception to this is the month of September, when payment is due between 1st to 5th  September.
  • Term fees are issued on the following dates and are payable within 10 days of the issue date. Termly fees, not paid within this time will be converted to monthly payments for the remainder of the year.
    • AUTUMN TERM 4th September
    • SPRING TERM 15th December
    • SUMMER TERM 15th March
  • Annual fees are payable between the 1st and 10th of September. Annual fees not paid within these dates will be converted to the term fees and the corresponding term rates and dates of payment.
  • Direct debits returned unpaid to school by your bank incur a surcharge (bank cancellation fee) which you will be required to pay at the same time as the pending school fees.