Class of 2018


The end of the primary years are always full of mixed feelings. The children are sad to leave their primary teachers and the comfort and nurturing ways of the primary department but this is balanced by the excitement and readiness to join the secondary department where many changes lie on the horizon. This year we decided to celebrate the end of the school year with a graduation ceremony. 
As the Year 6 children formed the cast of our end of year performance, Mary Poppins, we took the opportunity of awarding certificates of merit in an area of ​​the curriculum or for a particular skill to be praised. Every child has something unique that they are able to offer to their colleagues. These qualities are built upon to form the chemistry of the class who will begin their journey through the secondary department in September. For some children it is their ability to work well as part of a team, or perhaps lead a team which is to be commended. For others their determination to give 100% in all that they do. Some children may excel creatively, painting, sketching, model making or expressing their ideas through music and drama, others have amazing memories which helps them achieve academically or the logic to work out problems which are challenging for others. Children who are responsible, thoughtful, reliable and reach out to others make school a happy place where learning can flourish. Very often our pupils demonstrate a number of these qualities and skills, each weaving into a wonderful unique tapestry of achievement.
Congratulations to our Class of 2018; You will be missed by the primary department but we know that you will go to build on your achievements. You will love your learning and it will open future doors for you. Take on every opportunity you can for this will enrich you and prepare for the next chapter in your journey through "education". Rise to the academic challenges posed by the secondary department and stay true to yourself. We are very proud of you -  Year 6, 2018! Debbie Eaves, Primary head teacher
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