The majority of the school’s pupils are of British or Spanish nationality although many other nationalities are also represented.

Except at Nursery level, it is important that all those seeking entry should have a good grasp of the English language, both spoken and written, at a level appropriate to their stage of development.

At all levels, entry to the school is through interview and assessment. Pupils coming from other schools must provide copies of their most recent academic reports and, if requested, a character reference from their Head Teacher.

Preliminary enquiry form for admission [click here to download]

Interviews for places in the Nursery class take place in January of the year of entry.

The form of assessment depends on the level of entry:

  • Primary Department – pupils spend a morning in the classroom, enabling them to experience life at Queen’s at first hand and giving the class teacher an opportunity to assess their suitability for a place.
  • Secondary Department – pupils are required to take a test in English and Mathematics and Spanish if applicable.
  • Sixth Form (years 12 and 13) – entry at this level depends on GCSE results and a personal reference from previous school.

School fees

The school fees are public.

School fees for the academic year 2019/2020

 Per Year
(advance payment) (1)
monthly fee
Per YearEquivalent
monthly fee
Per TermEquivalent
monthly fee
Per Month
Nursery & Reception6.300€630€6.400€640€2.294€688€765€
Year 1 & Year 26.800€680€6.900€690€2.447€734€816€
Year 37.200€720€7.300€730€2.589€777€863€
Year 47.550€755€7.650€765€2.713€814€904€
Year 58.050€805€8.150€815€2.890€867€963€
Year 68.450€845€8.550€855€3.032€910€1.011€
Year 79.050€905€9.150€915€3.245€973€1.082€
Year 89.700€970€9.800€980€3.475€1.043€1.158€
Year 99.890€989€9.990€999€3.543€1.063€1.181€
Year 10 & 11 / Year 12 & 1310.100€1.010€10.200€1.020€3.617€1.085€1.206€

(1) This annual fee requires to be paid before june 20th, 2019

In the case of Y12 & Y13 the fees do not include books and other materials required.

Enrolment fees

ENROLMENT FEE: 500 €  DEPOSIT: 1200 € 

ENROLMENT FEE: 800 €  DEPOSIT: 1200 € (Nursery-Reception 2020)

Optional Services:

125€ per 10 months or 160€/month 
110€ per month (N-Y2)
10€ per day 

School fees for the academic year 2018/2019

 Per monthPer termEquivalent
monthly fee
Per yearEquivalent
monthly fee
Nursery & Reception741€        2.222€667€6.200€620€
Year 1 & Year 2800€        2.401€720€6.700€670€
Year 3848€        2.545€764€7.100€710€
Year 4884€        2.652€796€7.400€740€
Year 5932€        2.796€839€7.800€780€
Year 6968€        2.903€871€8.100€810€
Year 71.051€        3.154€946€8.800€880€
Year 81.147€        3.441€1.032€9.600€960€
Year 91.177€        3.530€1.059€9.850€985€
Year 10 & 11 / Year 12 & 131.194€        3.581€1.074€9.990€999€

In the case of Y12 & Y13 the fees do not include books and other materials required.

Enrolment fees

DEPOSIT: 1000 € 

Optional Services:

125€ per 10 months or 160€/month 
105€ per month (N-Y2)
10€ per day 


  1. The reenrolment form has to be filled every year between January and the end of the second term.
  2. The preferred method for the payment of school fees is via direct debit. However, those parents who pay by bank transfer are reminded that the final date for payment is 10 days after the payment due date.
  3. Pupils may lose their place at school if fees are not paid by the due dates.
  4. Each fee tariff has set dates of payment.  Failure to comply with these dates will result in the tariff being changed, and applied retroactively for the whole academic year.
  5. Monthly fees are payable before the 25th of the previous month. The only exception to this is the month of September, when payment is due by September 5th. The fees for each month of a term must be paid even if a pupil is withdrawn from school before the end of the term.
  6. Termly fees are issued on the following dates and are payable within 10 days of the issue date.  Termly fees, not paid within this time, will be converted to the monthly tariff for the whole academic year. 
    • AUTUMN TERM 4th September
    • SPRING TERM   15th December
    • SUMMER TERM 15th March
  7. Annual fees are payable between the 1st and 10th of September.  Annual fees not paid within these dates will be converted to termly fees.
  8. Unpaid direct debits must be paid at the time of notification of these and will incur a surcharge (bank cancellation fee plus 30€ administrative fee).
  9. If for any reason a pupil is with drawn from school, parents are reminded that, in order to obtain a deposit fee refund, the following conditions must be met:
    • The pupil’s final term must be paid in full.
    • Written notice that the pupil will not be returning for term 2 must be given before September 1st 
    • Written notice that the pupil will not be returning for term 3 must be given before January 1st
    • Written notice that the pupil will be leaving at the end of the academic year must be

Enrol now for Sixth Form

The enrolment period for entry to Sixth Form is now open. In this final stage of school education, our students are prepared for some of the most prestigious universities in the world, as is apparent from our university placements over the last few years.

At this level we offer a unique programme within the Balearic Islands due to:

  • Our tried and tested methodology, an experienced staff, and the use of the most up to date educational tools.
  • A range of 17 GCE “A” level subjects which provide our students with the studies they require in order to follow their chosen university careers. Included within this range of subjects are all 3 sciences and Further Mathematics, an essential requirement (depending on the course applied for) for entry to such universities as Cambridge and Imperial College.

This programme has enabled our students to obtain high academic qualifications, both as individuals and collectively.

At present there are a few places available in lower classes in the Secondary Department, where students are provided with the opportunity, not only to realise their full potential, but also to obtain places at the most prestigious universities both national and international.

If you are interested in your son / daughter joining our Sixth Form, please contact Mr.Ken Williams, the Sixth Form Coordinator, or Administration