A unique model, delivering
personalised education

The strength of constant evolution

A new centre to complete a unique model supported by a proven academic history and an open approach to an increasingly connected world. A model that incorporates continuous evolution as part of its philosophy. This constant pursuit of progress will be enhanced by new spaces, available not only in the new centre but also in the existing.

Throughout this year we will be revealing news…


A model centred around students

We can now elevate our model to its highest potential. At its core is an exceptional ratio: 16 students per class, along with the most up-to-date methodologies. Throughout the process, we have strived to maintain the essence of the School: a family environment, a warm atmosphere and a permanent engagement with nature.

All this and more…


The expansion of the new campus

New state of the art campus

New cutting-edge campus for Y10-Y13, the essential courses required for entry to university.

This campus will integrate new teaching spaces with the recently opened sports centre.


A knowledge and learning hub

In addition to the classrooms, new specialised spaces will be created: an auditorium, art room and exhibition space. There will also be two laboratories as well as specific spaces for sixth form students.

An incredible knowledge hub integrated within its environment.


New centre, same spirit

The new centre will maintain our core philosophy: All subjects will take place in contact with nature. Additionally, we will have multiple outdoor spaces in which to work as part of a team, study and relax.

The creation of this new space will also allow us to transform and optimise the facilities of the current Queen’s College.


A newly opened sports centre

For everyone

All students can now benefit from a sports centre with a unique design that directly interacts with its natural surroundings.

  • 7-a-side artificial football pitch
  • Heated pool
  • Multi-functional room for indoor sport and fitness activities
  • Covered porch for sports activities
  • 240m trail circuit.
  • Outdoor court
  • A room for martial arts or light gymnastics activities



A unique pool

The heated pool is the most remarkable element of the sports centre and has been carefully designed for students to enjoy the experience of swimming in water so natural that it is reused for watering the plants of the complex.

The pool includes a dedicated area for teaching young children to swim whilst also allowing for the practice of aquatic activities for older students, including rescue or water polo.

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