Day by day

Year 6 WW2 Projects

 Our Year 6 students have been studying how the lives of families who lived in the second world war were different from our own. They produced models, games, diaries and posters to reflect their investigations. Well done Year 6, you … Continued

Message In A Bottle

  This year at Queens the children have become ‘Planet Protectors’, promising to help protect their planet in different ways. The children wrote messages about their plans to recycle, keep their beaches clean and avoid using plastic. They placed them into … Continued

Jeans for Genes

  The children had a great day being able to come to school in their blue jeans! Congratulations to everyone for raising money for such a great cause!

First Day of Term

 Another school year has begun here at Queens. New teachers, different classrooms and new students mean an exciting start for everyone. We hope it will be a year of enjoyment, hard work and fun for everyone!

Class of 2018

QUEEN’S COLLEGE – THE CLASS OF 2018 The end of the primary years are always full of mixed feelings. The children are sad to leave their primary teachers and the comfort and nurturing ways of the primary department but this is … Continued